Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sugar Now = Protein Then

On the morning of a workout day, I try to have an extra-good breakfast, so I don't turn into a pile of quivering jelly after an hour of hoofing and poofing. It usually works really well; I have some peanut butter toast or some oatmeal or an egg, and I'm good to go at the gym two hours later. Until today, when I learned a dangerous lesson.

It turns out that if you miss breakfast because of an early meeting, and then realize you're only half an hour away from serious exertion and haven't eaten anything, you can have half a cup of bad decaf and ten doughnut holes and it will work just as well. You'll leave the workout feeling fit and proud, and you'll still have a few doughnut holes left to help you come down easy off that sweet sugar high.

Of course, I'm now collapsed on the couch with barely the strength to blog, but that can't be related to the decisions I made this morning. No way. This is just my body's way of asking for fried chicken for dinner.

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Nev said...

If I do that, I'll turn all pale yellow and icky during my workout. If I realize my sustenance level is low, I can usually have a piece of fruit. I have determined that I can have a banana up to 10 minutes before a workout, an orange, peach or plum 20 minutes before, or an apple no closer than 30 minutes before a workout. Then I make it through the workout by dreaming about the doughnut holes I'll have afterwards. No joke. I made it through marathon training by dreaming of fresh mozzarella on all my long runs.