Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheaper than those fancy Ant Farms

Five years after we said goodbye to our sweet cat (nothing more horrible than that ride home from the vet's with an empty carrier), we decided that we're ready to move on. We got a pet! And just so it wouldn't be lonely while we're gone during the day, we decided to get two more to keep it company.

Although, they're actually not so much pets as captives, and I didn't realize we had them until it was too late. They're lady bugs, and they're sealed between the window and the plastic film we just put up to try to stop the cold breezes that flow from around the frame. I figure they'll either make a different tableau vivant of suffering every day until they finally succumb and make a tableau mort, or else they'll find it the perfect environment to raise a thousand little baby lady bugs (which might properly be called... girl bugs? young lady bugs?). I'll let you know if we spend the winter watching our window fill with drifts and layers of red-orange crawling things. On the positive side, they'll probably increase the R value of the window by quite a lot.

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