Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Harnessing procrastination for good!

Well, it had to come to this. It was inevitable that after posting every day for weeks, I'd run out of steam eventually. Thank goodness for the internet and amusing things to link to. This might only be entertaining to the nerdiest among us (I find it even more addictive than the regular internet), but give it a shot. It's charitable, educational time wasting. The site gets advertisers to pay per click, and the goal is to define all kinds of obscure words correctly. The more words you get right, the more money they send to UN food aid. Win/win. I cannot stop playing. Last night, in a team effort, we got up to a score of 49. There was lots of guessing.


Nev said...

How did I survive without this? Now I can feel better about myself than when simply procrastinating with, say, gofugyourself.

carole said...

I've been hearing about these sites- so glad you pointed me to one!