Friday, November 30, 2007

Month: Over!

I did it! I posted every day in November, whether I had anything to say or not (maybe half and half). Now I have two things: a great sense of accomplishment, and no desire to do that ever again.

I'll be going back to my actual life for a while now. I'll see you again when I have something to say. My guess is, a couple weeks at least.

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Fatty said...

You rock. I am super impressed that you persevered! Especially since I said I would exercise everyday in solidarity with my sis and totally missed the mark. While I did not remotely meet my goal I am now gyming it three/four times a week.
Rock-on with your bad self.We made butternut squash risotto tonight, damn good.The key was roasting the squash in olive oil,garlic,Maine sea salt and pepper for an hour at 425 first. Pecorino romano is however too salty to totally replace Parmigiano reggiano with, stick with the real stuff.