Saturday, November 24, 2007

Soap Sack!

My skin is sensitive, inflexible, and petulant. These are not qualities I'd appreciate in a friend, but I just have to deal with it when it's my skin. The only soap it likes is Dove, which is great at home, since it's cheap and you can buy it anywhere, but when it comes to travel, it's a real pain. Slimy bars of soap are not easy to pack, and I'm too cheap to pack a new bar and just throw it away before coming home. So after years of trying various solutions (plastic containers, ziplock bags, and the cardboard box it came in), I discovered the perfect solution: a piece of thick, soft cotton muslin that used to be a laundry bag. I just wrap it around the soap and it keeps the slime from infecting all my other toiletries. The soap can dry through the cloth, and it comes off cleanly. When it gets too full of soap residue, I figure I'll just throw it in the wash. This might seem unbelievably trivial to some (okay, probably all), but my Travel Morale just went up about sixteen percent, which is worth noting.


Nev said...

Now where can I get a piece of muslin?

You have just solved one of my travel issues, too. My skin, like yours, tolerates only Dove and water.

Oh crap, this is just one more piece of evidence that we are related by more than marriage. Which means, oh dear, how shall I tell your brother?

Another Anna said...

Don't worry, it's probably just an example of convergent evolution, like when birds and bats independently developed the ability to fly, without being closely related. Except they got wings and we get cranky skin. I'd rather be able to fly.

I'll send you some of the muslin. After a recent sewing whirlwind, there are scraps of it all over the house.