Thursday, November 29, 2007

I know it hasn't been proven dangerous, I just have a thing about avoiding injections of heavy metals, if at all possible.

Checking off the boxes on the flu shot form, I see the box that asks if I am allergic to thimerosal. My eyebrows must have shot way up into my hair, because a nice lady bustles right over to ask if anything's the matter.

ME: Is there thimerosal in the vaccine?
HER: It's just the preservative, nothing to worry about.
ME: What about the mercury?
HER: The wha? ...Maybe you should go talk to that lady.
OTHER LADY: Can I help you?
ME: Is there thimerosal in the vaccine?
OL:Yes, I think so. What's the problem?
ME:Isn't there a lot of mercury in thimerosal?
OL: No, no. Just a little mercury.
ME: (remembering when they shut down a whole building for weeks because someone spilled a tablespoon of mercury) Uh, I don't think I want...
THIRD LADY: Oh, today we're using the preservative-free vaccine. No problem. See the box?
ME: Whew. Geeze. Okay, stick me.

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