Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funny Warm Lumps

Those bags of rice or corn that you heat up in the microwave are great for keeping your feet warm at night. They're also nice during the day, especially if you have a snug-fitting down vest. Just be aware that people might start asking, depending on where you're wearing your Corn Bag, when your due date is or how'd the cosmetic surgery go.


Anonymous said...

okay, I love the rice packets and use them all the time (for eating)... are you suggesting microwave, "wear" to stay warm, and then re-microwave again and again for warmth, and then ultimately eat? I may try this, but wonder what your experience has been... family will have a foodfight for Thanksgiving, but we'll miss some participants!

Another Anna said...

Ew. No.

Not even I get that cold. There are fabric bags with raw feed corn or rice sewn into them. You heat them in the microwave and they're like a non-electric heating pad for sore muscles. They're re-usable, and great for cold feet or cold anything.