Thursday, November 01, 2007

Every Day. Every. Day.

In the interests of adding another thing to my To Cringe, Put Off, And Feel Guilty About list (some people call it a To Do list, but I find that a bit optimistic), I'm planning to post daily in November. We'll see how long this lasts, shall we?


Doesn't that count for today? No? Well then, a bit about dinner. It was one of those good news/bad news kind of meals. Here's the transcript:

Him: What's for dinner?
Me: Crock Pot Curry
Him: Oh boy! Curry!
Me: No, no. Crock Pot Curry. Lower your expectations.
Him: Oh. Is it bad?
Me: Well, the good news is, it was educational, and I gained valuable crock pot experience.
Him: Hmm.

Lessons learned:
1) Don't waste a perfectly good Pepper Puck in the Crock Pot. All it added was a negligible amount of fiber and a sort of a puce color.

2) Crock-potted chicken does not hold up to stirring of any kind. It surrenders into stringy mush at the first sign of a spoon. If you want to thicken and season and make other desperate attempts to salvage dinner, remove the chicken before you address yourself to the remaining glop.

3) Four scallions and a green pepper, chopped and sort of steam/sauteed go a long way towards making puce chickenmush seem edible.

4) Add more curry paste. Add more fish sauce. Add more sugar.

5) Watching The Amazing Mrs Pritchard as you eat, while anti-social and not recommended as a permanent policy, does save you from having to look at the stuff.

6) It worked. I'm neither hungry nor poisoned.

7) Coming in the front door at 7:30 to a house that smells like dinner is ready makes an awful lot of this worth it.


Sphincter said...

Mmmm. Cooking smells at dinner time.

I admire your crock pot skills. I gave up on mine and now make soap in it. With much better results.

lauren said...

Hooray! NaNoBlogMo!