Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sweaty Mess 101

1. Walk home from work for the calorie-burning virtuousness.

2. Realize too late that it's hot enough to fry—um—tofu on the sidewalk (the egg thing's been done to death).

3. Meet a fancy aquaintance on the way home, and have a long, rambling conversation while dripping bodily fluids on the sidewalk (okay, mostly sweat) (okay, only sweat) (but still really gross! lots of sweat!)

4. Arrive home.

5. Lack the energy to mount the stairs, find a non-drenched shirt, and become a reasonably-attired grownup.

6. Remove shirt, replace with teatowel tied fetchingly around the bosom.

7. Being starving (see #1), eat ravenously and too well, still sweaty, and negate any benefit from previous exertion.

8. Decide that although the teatowel has its own sexy, rakish charm, a shower and clean clothes might be just the thing.

8. Have a glass of wine too many and start a blog.

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