Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breadsperiment? Experibread?

America's Test Kitchen is an admirable and useful endeavor. They are good culinary researchers because they are anal, comprehensive, energetic, and patient. I depend on them for foolproof recipes.

My own kitchen experiments are usually based on laziness, bad timing, the wrong tools, and last-minute ingredient substitution. Any minute now, the results of my latest experiment will be in and I will be able to report on how far you can abuse and misinterpret a bread recipe before you produce something really inedible.

The recipe calls for two rises. Since I started baking too late last night, I put the dough in the fridge for nine hours for the first rise instead of a warm place for one hour.

Also, I only have one loaf pan, and this recipe makes two loaves. So, half the dough gets treated right (knock down, shape, rise 40 minutes, into the oven), and the other half gets knocked down and put back in refrigerated exile. The good news is that only one loaf needs to be presentable (nice new neighbors), so the stakes are low for that second loaf.

I'll let you know...

Oh, it's good. It's so, so good. And this is the ugly stepsister loaf that had the extra visit to the fridge. Why do I not make this bread every week? Oh right. Lazy.

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