Thursday, November 04, 2010

Potty Training

Day One
This is going to be easy! She's a genius, she'll get it right away. I bet there won't be any more accidents after... oh. Well, by this evening she'll have it down for sure.

Day Two
You know, she's always been so stalwart in the face of minor scrapes and bumps. You think there's a correlation between a high pain threshold and having trouble identifying that uncomfortable "I have to pee" feeling? You think she'll be in diapers forever? I mean, she's a genius and all, that's clear, but maybe she'll just be the first incontinent nobel laureate. 

Day Three
That book said we'd be going on outings by now. This is taking forever. 

Day Four
Hey, this isn't so bad. No accidents yet today! And maybe by next week we'll be able to expand the potty proximity radius enough that we can go for a short walk.

Day Five
Those kids still in diapers are a bunch of chumps. I mean, sure, it must be nice to leave the house for longer than half an hour, but she's so accomplished! She's doing great!

Day Six
I can't believe it's only been a week. I can't believe I thought she'd never get it. By next week, I bet we'll be ready for an impromptu weekend road trip! Or we would be, if we were those people. Maybe a nice impromptu weekend Dry Pants Festival at home instead. Sounds good. But I'm not giving any speeches in front of a Mission Accomplished banner yet. Give it a little while.


susan said...

Sounds like progress. Good idea too in case she trys to walk to ---ville to see her gamma again.
This weekend is my try @ your chicken thigh cookin. I'll let you know-love S in Caz

Muslim Hippie said...

Yay, six days for potty training is impressive indeed.

We did it the long way, I couldn't stay inside for that long, But I used to carry the potty out with me. (crazy foreigner!)

I might try the indoor thing with Grabby. What book are you referring to?