Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Timeline, Yesterday

8:30 AM, at the park with Cleo: "Today's his birthday! I'll call tonight."

2:30 PM, driving home from a Hallowe'en party with a sleeping pumpkin: "Can't forget to call tonight!"

6:15 PM, feeding Cleo crackers: "I bet he'll be home from work soon. I should call in an hour or so."

3:30 AM, waking suddenly: "Crap."

Happy birthday, Pops! Hope you had a great day, even though only half your children managed to call you.

1 comment:

Carroll said...

is was so right !!! and great title- I find happiness at the Folklife Village grocery store but there are seldom any babies romaing the aisles with their chauffeurs- and when there is...well I have to adjust my grocery shopping to keep running into them.

thank you for making your life with a happy young'un available to us all...CH