Monday, November 10, 2008

Eating the Freezer

After you have a c-section, they suggest that you not climb a lot of stairs. My midwife said I should keep myself to one round-trip per day. Since we don't have a bathroom on the ground floor, this pretty much kept me out of the (ground-floor) kitchen for two or three weeks. It worked out well. Cleo's grandmothers and father kept the grown-up meals coming so that I could concentrate on baby meals and healing. The baby meals were a bit of a challenge in the beginning, and I had to use a pump to help out.

One effect of this was that there was a lot of extra milk hanging around. I was not going to let such a hard-earned liquid go to waste, so we started freezing it. The freezer started to fill with containers of milk. And then it started to over-fill, and something had to be done. That something was the Disappearance of several years worth of bread heels, tubs of mysterious leftovers, kitchen experiments, and general detritus. What can I say? I do like to save things. So while I was marooned upstairs, my husband (with the collusion of my very own mother) was living the dream of a lifetime. Things that moved from our last house's freezer to this one were thrown away with no ceremony at all. Not even Taps hummed softly over the garbage can. It was all just Gone.

I admit now that it was a good idea. Why, for the first time in years I can actually use the freezer! You can see what's in there! It's kind of weird. They did save the identifiable, usable things, and I'm now in the process of working my way through these things. It's all part of a new plan to actually take things out of the freezer occasionally, instead of just jamming things in. So now we're reaching the end of the freezer stuff (and the milk supply has been thinned as well), so I have Freezer Real Estate burning a hole in my pocket (how's that for a mixed metaphor? I think I win). What should I make and freeze (and later use)? What's the saving grace dinner backup in your freezer? And can I steal your brilliant ideas?


lauren said...

Lentils! Lentils freeze well. Whatever spices you like and whatever veggies you've got in the fridge -- carrot, onion, kale or spinach. I like to use some Ethiopian alicha spice (I hope I am getting the name of the spice right!) from a restaurant we like in Portland. Let me know if you need some and I will track some down for you.
Lentils also like some cumin, I think, or thyme.

I almost cried about the leftovers just Gone without Taps or a deep breath or anything. I feel the same way about the contents of my freezer. I don't know why. But those things might be useful someday!!

Nev said...

Meaty or unmeaty pasta sauce.

This recipe:

which freezes and thaws rather nicely. It may not look as pretty as the picture, but it is tasty and easy. Can you get hominy in the frozen tundra where you live?