Monday, June 09, 2008

Month Eight: Part One: Best Use of iPhone Yet

If you ever find yourself due to have a baby in late July, here are the cons:
-the first heat wave will turn you into Jabba the Hutt, but sweatier.
-at the first barbecue of the season, it will be impossible not to notice the resemblance between your fingers and your hot dog.
-the onset of prime dumpster-diving season (late sunsets, no more cold drizzle) will coincide with your passage from the Pregnant But Limber phase to the Downright Ungainly phase.
-you will be too ungainly, swollen, and sweaty to make the 500-mile trip to The Wedding Of The Year

And the pros:
-just as you grow out of your winter coat, it'll be warm enough not to need it.
-just as putting on socks becomes a real trial, it'll be sandal weather.
-just as it's warm enough to wear skirts without tights, that's all you'll be able to wear.
-your dad will take pity on your delicate and ungainly condition and live-blog the WOTY for you.


Nev said...

Oh, Anna, we had such fun capturing moments and sending them to you in real time. We missed all three of you.

Anonymous said...

yes, we missed you for the Wedding!

I enjoyed being present for some of the iPhone live blogs.

Thinking of you and hope all three of you are doing well! Love, C