Thursday, July 19, 2007

Infinite Iced Coffee

I don't like to waste food and I don't have a very long attention span. This endearing/enervating combination of traits results in my having a habit of leaving multiple drinks half-drunk around the house as part of my trail of general detritus, a habit that my family finds somewhat annoying. But I have finally discovered a rationale for this behavior: I HAVE to, it's in a recipe. And now, it's in a recipe on the internet.

The Never Ending Iced Coffee

1. Notice that your refreshing iced coffee has become a tepid melted coffee. Try to do this before it has developed a sketchy-looking film on top.

2. Pour it into an ice tray. Freeze it.

3. The next day, make an iced coffee, using the cubes you froze the day before. Add milk and sugar to taste.

4. Drink most, but not all, of your delicious iced coffee.


Once you've done this for a few days in a row, the water from the original ice cubes will be all but gone from the mixture, and your ice cubes will have the exact ratio of milk, sugar, and coffee that you prefer. Fancy coffee places do sometimes use coffee ice cubes, which is a nice touch, but where can you get custom-mixed pre-flavored ice cubes? Now, nowhere! Soon, your house!

And just try not to think about the theoretical potential for trace amounts of truly ancient milk. It's probably a healthy challenge to your immune system. Or something.


Anonymous said...

I use a similar system for my underpants.

Another Anna said...

Honey, is that you?

If not, then welcome to winker comments, Fetid Stranger!

I mean, ew.