Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Breakfast burritos always seemed like weekend food to me--lots of ingredients, lots of prep, proper-plate-and-fork food. But a tight schedule, a sparse fridge, and a stomach that was about to leap out and forage for breakfast on its own led me to a discovery*. The breakfast burrito, stripped down, might just be the most efficient way to get from starving to fed without resorting to options that are bad for either morale, life expectancy, or the monthly budget.

I'm not usually a fan of eating on the run, but when breakfast is a choice between nothing, fast food, or something that can be made in ten minutes and eaten in the car, then I'd have to support that last option. So allow me to sell you on the breakfast burrito, Winker-style.

If you cook the eggs right, you need neither plate nor fork, and most people won't even need a napkin (I realize I'm a barbarian. If you're revolted, look away).

If you buy tasty eggs and high-quality tortillas, you don't need ANY OTHER INGREDIENTS, and it's totally edible. Almost... delicious.

So, here:

One whole wheat tortilla
One fancy, happy, free-range, organic egg with extra omega-whatsits
nothing else**

In a small non-stick skillet, heat the tortilla while you scramble the egg and feed the cat. Once the tortilla is puffing up a bit here and there, remove it and set it aside. Pour in the egg. If the pan is hot enough, it'll sizzle a bit when you pour it in. Don't stir it around, just let it cook into a flat disk. When the egg is mostly solid, but still damp on top, flip it over, let it cook for a few more seconds, then flop it out onto the tortilla. Roll it up. Eat it.

If you don't like using non-stick pans, use a bit of fat in a regular pan. Just roll the tortilla greasy-side-in, so you'll keep your fingers clean.

There! Warm, portable breakfast, no plate or utensils needed, contains protein, a bit of fiber, and just enough delicious carbohydrate that you won't feel demoralized. For extra credit, have an orange or some blueberries too, and feel really virtuous.

*Which, of course, is how it always happens. I should put myself in situations of desperate hunger and limited ingredients more often, just for the recipe development and blogging opportunities.

**Cheese and other culinary adhesives may be used sparingly. Other embellishments may be added, but are not recommended as they may interfere with the user-friendly design of the finished product.

Update: I timed it this morning, and from what-ever-shall-I have-for-breakfast to mmm-this-looks-good-[chomp], it was three minutes. THREE minutes, folks. No excuse to go breakfastless now.

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lauren said...

When I was super broke in college, I ate this every day, embellished with a can of black beans cooked down with onions and garlic. (Not a whole can per tortilla, of course.) It was great.