Thursday, March 22, 2007

Allow me to properly introduce my new friend.

I didn't withhold the details on purpose; I must have been a little tipsy on lambwiches. The rice stuff I was going on about is sold under the name "Rice and Shine" by the fine hippies at Arrowhead Mills. Please do not confuse it with "Rice 'N' Shine," which appears to be an over-priced diet food. Apparently, its claim to fame is that it contains "Risolubles™," which I can only guess are some kind of quick-dissolving hilarity aid.

I've made the stuff a few times since my first attempt, and I'm now devoted. It's an elegant, quick, delicious, cheap whole grain. Hoo. Ray. Its only failing is that I don't know what to call it. Brown rice "polenta" is clumsy. Rice cereal sounds like baby food or breakfast. Rice mush? No. Rice gruel? Rice grits? No and no. And none of the puns that keep popping into my head: rolenta... po-rice... grice... um... rits... I got nothing.

So, readers, chime in. What would you call it? And I know you're out there... I can see you through my computer (well, Google Analytics can see you, and I can't stop pestering Google Analytics to rat you out).


stumpy said...

how about splice ?

yes oh yes splice for dinner.

I think I win.

Anonymous said...

I say why not call a crock pot a crock pot? At our house we just call the stuff Rice and Shine. It's not a pasta-like situation where you need to distinguish it from umpteen other similar products.

And may I add that this is the first time any of my wife's gluten-free specialty products have become the darling of foodie bloggers! I dare any of you out there to come up with edible recipes for the Rice-Almond Bread that she regularly consumes.

Funky Man T

Anonymous said...

Call it Rice cereal ! I eat Rice cereal every morning --- or Rice grits... southern style meets macrobiotics :) (have you tried Lundberg Farms version.. mmmm.)

Another Anna said...

Rice grits! Of course! It's clear, descriptive, and not overly breakfasty. Alright. I will call it rice grits and he will call it, um, splice.