Thursday, September 14, 2006

Alchemy of Crap

There are two rooms on the main level of our house. The Food Activities Room and The Reading/Napping Room. There is no Peeing Room or Washing Room or Boot Room or Craft Room. I know. My life is unbearably difficult. Can you imagine the suffering?

Anyway, there are a lot of things that we find ourselves wanting to do down here that aren't strictly Food or Book Related, and in the interests of not living in a landfill, we have to figure out where and how to stash the things that we need and use, but that do not Strictly Belong. One thing we are blessed with is an embarrassment of bookcases. So my plan is to Turn Stuff Into Books.

I am a saver-of-containers. It's practically a diagnosis. I have containers that have gone through three moves without being used yet. I have containers that I bought at yard sales from former savers-of-containers who have wised up. Their mental health and profit=my growing collection! So I'm going through my containers, looking for the ones with the most book-like dimensions, and they are becoming Stuff Filled Books. They have labels on their spines, they blend into the scenery with all the other rectilinear objects, they will be easy to find when needed, and we don't have to exert ourselves running up and down the stairs all day (we might get all sweaty and die).

So far, I've made or planned:

First Aid Book (bandaids, rubbing alcohol, etc)
Mending Book (buttons, safety pins, thread, needles, scissors)
Sick Book (painkillers, antihistamines)
Candle Book (extra tealights, matches)
Cook Book (torn out recipes to try)
Toy Book (kid diversions)

My main dilemma now is whether I should shelve the "books" with similar content books (food with food, health with health), or in a distinct Books That Aren't Books section. Yes, I know. A real thorny one.

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lauren said...

This is brilliant and I am going to implement it. What kind of book-shaped containers do you use?

And I think you should shelve them by subject, with other real books, instead of all together on the non-book book shelf.